A “Cure” for Diabetes

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“Cure”.  A word that sparks hope and doubt in the diabetes community all in a single syllable.  The promise of a cure hangs just beyond the horizon, ever-possible, yet never realized.  “It is coming!”, they say.  And we still wait.  So, in an effort to provide the diabetic community with a “cure” that is truly meaningful, I offer you a different kind of cure, actually several, if you are willing to play along.


Part A: This lovely little “cure”, pronounced cure-ah-souw, is a beautiful island in the Caribbean.  According to the website, people on this island are beautiful, healthy, vibrant, tan and live in bathing suits.  I will sign up for this “cure”!  Nothing like a vacation to boost your zest for life and restore your batteries.

If a beach vacation isn’t in your budget, consider a vacation mindset for a change of pace.  When vacationing, we typically are a blank slate, looking forward to new sites, tastes, smells and adventures.  If you are stuck in the ho-hum routine that can seep into a diabetes lifestyle, try pretending you are on vacation in your own home, city or state.  Notice things you don’t usually pay attention to.  Try a new restaurant or visit a tourist trap in your backyard.  A new perspective can do wonders.

Part B: Curaçao is also a magical little orange flavored liquor that can be blended with all sorts of adult beverages.  A little vacation in a bottle, if you can’t jet off to the islands.  Over 21 only please! Warning! It is very sweet so bolus accordingly!


Ok, I am stretching this one a bit on the pronunciation.  “Cure-few” isn’t exactly how we say it, but it implies getting in on time and not over doing it.  Diabetes is hard on our body, mind and spirit.  Each facet of who we are requires downtime, rest and restoration.  Today’s world moves at lightening speed and getting caught up in it is inevitable.  It is a VERY GOOD THING to check out from the world and its judgement and demands regularly.  You need this.  Do this!


Another stretch on the diction, but “cure-age” allows us to stare diabetes in the eye and deal with it head on.  Dictionary.com defines courage as “the quality of mind or spirit that enables person to face difficulty, danger, pain, etc., without fear”.   I am calling BS on the folks over at dictionary.com about the last two words in their definition:  “without fear”.  To me, real courage is when you are scared out of your wits and you do it anyway, despite paralyzing fear.  Stabbing needles into one’s flesh on a routine basis requires courage to make your hands do what your mind doesn’t want to.  You may not have this “cure” at the onset, but it is a skill I see in everyone I coach or have cared for with diabetes.


Ahhh, This “cure” is my favorite!  This “cure” buys you a ticket to something new or something unexplored.  This “cure” opens doors to new routines and better ways.  Curiosity led me to a new meter from CVS that was $20 and worked just as well as the more expensive ones covered by insurance; to insulin on the internet that I could afford, to test strips on a website that cost 1/5 of what I was paying; to a new provider willing to work with me to manage diabetes on my terms; to a new careercompany and mission.    The phrase “I wonder”, just might be my new favorite way to face any challenge.  Replace “Oh no!”, with “I wonder?” and a potential disaster might morph into a brilliant new discovery.

Curiosity calls out our creative nature, leads us to new truths and who knows, maybe one day, some curious scientist will cure diabetes.  Until then, look for me on a beach, with a blue fruity drink, rejuvenating while I test and bolus, and rolling around in my head are the words “I wonder”?????





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