Have a Great New Year!

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We have stepped into another New Year!  Welcome to a GREAT 2019!  An (almost) blank slate upon which we get 365 days to create, experience, enjoy, suffer, learn, laugh, cry, fail, succeed and so much more.  Use these inspiring words to live to the fullest, despite diabetes, other health issue, trauma or struggle.  When you can choose to put yourself in one of these categories, I encourage you to try very hard to make it happen.  I’m sprinkling in some images from my book, I hope you enjoy!


Being grounded means we find stable and strong footing, despite the challenges we face.    It is pushing on towards our desires even though it is hard.  Your faith, family, friends and awareness can improve your footing.  Especially awareness, keep you eyes open and your ears perked to what is going on around you, it will help you anticipate and manage what comes your way.  Stay up on the latest research, learn from other PWD, share your story, help someone who is also dealing with diabetes.  You will feel stronger.


Let your inner light shine!  Sometimes we feel like our light has been snuffed out by diabetes, but rest assured it is there.  It is that small voice that reminds you that you matter, you have value and purpose.  Your light will shine brighter when you step out into the unknown and push yourself in ways you thought were impossible!  When you learn a new trick on inserting your site, figure out a better way to test, try a CGM or find a new recipe that tastes great and doesn’t spike your sugars, you literally glow!  That spark can carry you to something new or through some times when it feels very dark.  Just remember it is always there.  Believe in yourself, your maker and your purpose and it will shine bright!!


Hope is a powerful and wonderful emotion and state of mind.  Unfortunately hope, typically means you are waiting for something to happen.  When you find yourself waiting for something and feeling like it may never happen, it is easy to be discouraged.  Expectancy means to wait with belief and hope.  When you order something on amazon, you expect it to come.  As a child, we believed Santa would come.  Expectancy requires you to trust in the best, not the worst.  It is your choice.


When you are authentic, you are YOU!  Not what parents, teachers, siblings, spouses, bosses, children, friend, coworkers or neighbors need you to be so they feel better about themselves.  Those things you want to do some day, do them now!  We don’t get do-overs.  And a life with diabetes means we are truly living on borrowed time.  Don’t waste it!  Dance, travel, sing, paint, write, fly, run, speak, do YOUR thing!  No one really likes a fake person, so cast your fear aside and go do YOU!


And when you have a moment where something good comes your way, receive it graciously, joyfully and with a big smile.  Celebrate any good moment you can.  They are around us everywhere when we notice.  A cloud, a flock of birds, kids playing, a fun coincidence.  You can be thankful you family and friends care enough to nag  you, that you have insulin in your fridge, for the online community that keeps you going because they understand like no one else.  Being thankful is the antidote for bitterness.   Every one of us has had those bitter, sad days, it happens.  But so do good things, don’t forget them.

Make 2019 a GREAT year!  If that seems like a far dream I invite you to contact me!   There is better!

Peace and blessings~




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