Happy New Year!

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Happy New Year!

Last year, instead of a New Years’ resolution to hit a goal I knew deep down inside I would never do, I decided to choose a word and live by it.  For 2018 is was “Authentic” and I feel very proud that I carried that goal with most every decision I made.  The end result was pushing myself and getting out of my comfort zone.  Guess what?  It felt good!!

This year my word is “Intentional”.  I want to be as focused and on purpose as I can when I make choices for two reasons.  1) Choices give us power and freedom.  2) Doing something intentionally moves you in the direction you want to go.

True Freedom is having a Choice.

The choice is so empowering and often a forgotten option.   We can choose to see the glass half full or half empty.  We can choose to fixate on bad things.  But we can also choose to let it go.  We can choose to seek joy and peace.  We can choose to forgive and forget.  We can choose to create our life and not let it just happen to us.   Choices mean we are not a victim.   Pretty powerful, right?

On Purpose, towards your Purpose.

We make so many decisions each day, many without noticing.  When we aren’t paying attention, the result of those choices may lead us somewhere we didn’t intend to go.  But if we start making some little, easy, decisions every day, they can have a big impact.  Some examples: choosing when I will hop on social media and then setting a timer.  On purpose, I will choose to do something I enjoy and on purpose, I will make sure I don’t get too lost in it.  Or taking a yoga class three times a week, not to lose weight or to sweat, but to use my body in ways that are healthy and will also soothe my mind.  Subtle difference, I know, but I am choosing to do it in a way that means something to me.

There will be many opportunities to be intentional this year and I am certain that one word will keep me on the right path.

Enjoy 2019!  It will be whatever you believe it will!





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