Help Wanted! Join My Team?

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Help Wanted

Today I am using my blog platform to shamelessly seek your help in growing my team! The Diabetes Life requires a close connection to people you trust and who have your back. I am finding the same goes for business. I really need the help of people with skills and talents I don’t have and hoping you might know someone! It’s fairly simple to find people to take your money and provide a service, but much harder to find people who “get” it and share my passion. Would you be willing to help me???? Do you know anyone who has these skills & talents?

The Job

I am looking for a part time person to assist with my digital marketing and sales. The sales focus is twofold; to increase the Group Coaching side of my business and gear up for my Home Coaching Video Programs which I will be announcing soon!

The Team Member

My ideal candidate has a connection to diabetes and understands the current situation in the US, as well as how my products and services are game changers for the diabetes community. They are versed in digital media, creative content, SEO, social media and sales conversion strategies for those dealing with a chronic illness. They are results-oriented, love attention to detail and closing the loop! Living in DFW is a bonus, but not required. However, you do need to be in the US. The learning curve it just too big if you aren’t and time zones add complexity. Most importantly, I am NOT looking for someone to show me how it is done or send me links to the latest guru’s articles. I need you to be the expert and drive the process.

Know someone?

If someone comes to mind that might be a good fit for my “help wanted” plight, please forward this email and have them contact me at You can use the same email to contact me with any questions. I will take it from there! Easy – breezy!

Thanks in advance for your help and support!

Patricia Daiker Diabetes Coach



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