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As I comb through articles about diabetes, I find so many about prevention, lifestyle, costs, insurance, rationing, and politics. So it was refreshing to find this article that talks about the root of living well with diabetes. It is dealing with Diabetes Distress. If we only focus on the “what to do”, we are not prepared for the long term need of “how to do” it in your life. It is a burden and requires a LOT of inner strength and wisdom to face the insurmountable challenges of managing blood sugars without the mechanisms the good Lord intended us to have!

What I like about this article is that it acknowledges the burden of diabetes and shares a bit of what that looks like. It makes me happy that this article exists! It means somewhere people are noticing that this is not all that easy!

On the other hand, what I found less attractive about the article is that it is on a behavioral science site and not in mainstream media. I thought it missed an opportunity for quality recommendations. A mention about peer support, suggestions for goal setting and a nod at the benefits therapy are certainly relevant, but a bit lacking in depth and impact. How about treating us as people with real needs, wishes, live, hopes, dreams, and skills. Start there. We are people, not lab rats.

My criticism aside, it gives me hope to know more and more people are “getting it”. What do you think?? Let me know in the comments!

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