Newsy Tuesday: Person Centered Care Works for Diabetes!

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This line from from the British Journal of Nursing  article on person centered care hits a home run for me!

Studies have shown that patients with diabetes become more active and show greater satisfaction with the care when it is based on their individual needs” 

It seems like Europe is far ahead of us in realizing that diabetes plans must work for US and not the other way around.  I’ll save you the dry, nursing research and give you the highlights.

  • Nurses learned to not “take over” a person’s diabetes care
  • Provide support by giving the person with diabetes (PWD) what they “needed” and not a prescriptive set of facts.
  • Needs included education, emotional support, safe place to learn, encouragement and hope
  • Responsibility for diabetes care belongs to the person not the nurse (provider)
  • Nurses helped PWD confront their truth and provided tools to help deal with barriers
  • PWD felt empowered when presented with choices

So, instead of nurses being the “experts” and passing down knowledge, they become a partner in the process, helping people to learn what they need in a manner that works for them.  “The support is individually adjusted based on the patient’s wishes and needs, as well as their ability to grasp information and make changes. Creative approaches are needed to find suitable ways to convey knowledge, remove obstacles and create reflection.”

This research on person centered care aligns 100% with my Coaching Practice! It’s all about figuring out YOUR diabetes.  Sound good?  Schedule a FREE 30 minute call to see how we can work together!

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