Stories to Connect: Conversations with Diabetics In the Wild

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Have you ever spotted a diabetic in the Wild?  You know, those moments when you moving about your daily activities and suddenly spot someone checking their blood sugar, or pulling out a pen, or a pump clipped to a waistband?  Immediately, you recognize,  and if like me, you are draw in to acknowledge that “you know”!!

“Hey I know your struggle!” “How are you doing?” “How long since diagnosis?” “Type 1 or Type 2?”  It only takes one of those questions with a response of “Me too”! Then that relative stranger is now a confidant.  You might tell them things you wouldn’t tell your family or friends.  Just because “they know”, “they get it”.  There is connection in common struggle.

A Herd of Type Ones

I had an amazing opportunity to attend a JDRF meeting a few weeks ago.  Because I wasn’t diagnosed with Type 1 until I was an adult, I thought it might not be for me.  Boy was I wrong!  Spotting one diabetic at an airport is an amazing feat.  But to be with a herd of them gathering on purpose, was overwhelming!  Around an assuming conference table were 20ish people who all had type 1.  It was the largest number of type 1s I had ever seen together in one place.


Immediately we began telling our diagnosis story.  It’s almost like the right of passage so everyone understands “you”.  I wish I could explain the feeling.  It was sort of like family, sort of like classmates and sort of like monkeys in the zoo!  All of us there together sharing, hearing, listening, supporting and most of all understanding.  There we all were, tethered together by a joint need for insulin to see another day.  They are my people.    I will never forget that evening and I will be going back!

If you feel alone or misunderstood, I would love to connect with you.   I promise you, you are not alone!

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