Stories to Connect: Your Diabetes Doctor Said You Shouldn’t, but you DID!

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I was in an adult T1D group sponsored by JDRF this evening and the topic for discussion was “What have you done, that doctors said you shouldn’t or couldn’t do?”  Love that question!  The group was amazing with their stories of achievement and perseverance.  I loved that the overriding theme was that of CHOICE.  They did what they wanted to and chose to do, and then just figured out the details.   It is not often the easy thing, but life isn’t about always doing the easy things.

My list of “don’t do that” is short. 1) Don’t work nights. But I did.  It was insane trying to manage NPH as I flipped between my needs at night when I worked and then differing needs during the day when I was off.  It was all about predicting and planning for the peaks to happen and synchronizing them with meal times.   Pain in the booty.  You betcha.  But I figured it out one day (or night) at a time.   2) Don’t have kids at your age with Type 1 – too risky.  But I did.  2 healthy children.

Tell me your story?  What have you done, that they said couldn’t be done???!!



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