Video Blog – Words that Define Diabetes

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In a recent FB post, I asked people what one word described their relationship with diabetes. I got over 500 responses!

On my video blog today, I decided to roll the dice to pick a topic. The topics are my key pillars of coaching content: 1 – Education, 2 – Emotions, 3 – Motivation, 4 – Ownership, 5 – Communication. And since I was rolling a die, I needed a 6th, which was Grab Bag. Of course, I rolled a 6, so I dove into my “one word” post. It was a wheel’s off day as the dog’s went a little crazy and then my internet dropped and abruptly ended the broadcast.

Ah well, maybe there is a nugget of wisdom for you! Enjoy the video!

Watch the Video Blog

Words that Define Diabetes

One word to describe diabetes man

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