Stories to Connect: Diabetes and Dreams of the Olympics

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A good friend recently shared this story of a T1D athlete who aspires to compete in the 2020 Olympics. This occasion was important for two reasons:

My Friends and My Mission

I am honored that my sphere of diabetes influences lives in people that know me well and continues to reach further and further. My friends have always known I have diabetes, its a part of who I am. But since starting my business and focusing on “LIVING” with diabetes instead of just managing an illness, people copy me, ping me and loop me in, on things in their everyday lives that involve diabetes. They know it is important to me and its on their radar screen now too. That awareness means a lot! It’s how things change.

Stories of Role Models

The article I received was about a young woman with T1D who is training for the 2020 Olympics – Insulin Pod, CGM and all!

I won’t attempt to recap her story, but Kate Hall shows us how to figure things out. And that is something we can all do every day. Are there challenges? Of course! But a long time ago learning to walk was challenging. So was learning to drive, learning to type, learning an insulin pump, learning to count carbs, learning to be a Mom, learning to run my own business, etc. Our lives are full of new challenges to get over and with some effort (maybe a lot of effort!) we figure them out. We learn.

Learning takes effort. But it is also how we grow and become better versions of ourselves.

I love her story because she didn’t do what was expected; she honored her passion, she honored her body and she honored her abilities. She figured out how to do diabetes her way. That is my wish for each of you!

Go do great things!

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