Your Diabetes Future Has Many Possibilities

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The future is always uncertain, even when we worry, even when we don’t care, even when we plan.

Diabetes can make you fear the future. Truth is, we all spend a lot of time thinking about the future. Where to go? What to do? How will someone react? What if it fails? Who will I meet? What will happen? But no matter how much goes on inside our heads or how much we try to control it, no one knows what tomorrow holds. If we believe this to be true, then we can let go of some of the mental energy spent on worrying. Here’s how.

One sure fire way to impact your future is to make choices today. Choices to NOTICE something good in every day, like sunshine, a baby’s giggles, the sound of wind in the trees, another day to be on this earth and experiencing more of it. Choices to DO something that sets you up for a better tomorrow, like taking a walk, making the appointment, saying “I’m sorry”, lunching with a loved one or spending quiet time to recharge your batteries.
There will always be challenges, diabetes or not, AND there will always be choices. You really have two choices when it comes to tomorrow:

  1. Miss out, by living in fear that something bad might happen, OR
  2. Make the most of every day you have and live in hopeful anticipation of everything life has to offer and go find it!

I’m choosing option #2!
(PS there is a reason you reading this, you know :-))

Hunting for experiences,
Patricia Daiker Diabetes Coach



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