Better Diabetes: The Secret to Getting There!

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Better diabetes. Doesn’t that sound great? Better, as in less burden, easier to manage, more numbers in range, less frustration, less disruption, and more freedom. Anything that is a step above where you are sounds great- right? In the past two weeks, “getting to better” has come up a LOT in my life, personally, professionally and emotionally. When anything seems to keep recurring, I take note and appreciate the significance and the lessons tucked inside. I want to share with you.

Labor Day

It’s no coincidence I am writing this post on Labor Day. The Day we celebrate our work force and the fruits of our labor. Today is all about taking a day off from work, yet with diabetes we never get a day off. Or if we do opt out, we suffer from that choice eventually. Labor, in all its forms, requires effort and being uncomfortable. Perhaps it is the effort to get yourself to work, to the gym, or to the doctor’s office. Or maybe the work to build something new, the persistence to finish or the struggle to solve a problem. What about actual labor pains during the birth of a baby, the pain of a needle stick or the heartbreak of letting go of what was? In all its forms, labor is hard, it is painful and it takes effort. All in all, labor is NOT easy. period.

Getting to Better

The recurring theme of late has been all about how to improve a current situation, beit a relationship, a fork in the road or a mound of homework. And in every situation, the way to “better” is through “yuck”. Yuck is the effort, the pain, the uncomfortableness, the fear, the work, the difficult conversation, the blank white page, the pile of stuff to sort or whatever might be in the way of getting what you want. “Whatever” is always the truth of the situation, which more often than not, requires seeing what we don’t want to see of facing what we don’t want to face.

Your Yuck

The truth is, the more you avoid the pain of your “yuck” the farther away “better” gets. If better is free time on your device, stalling on homework keeps you from what you want. Or maybe your better relationship requires a difficult conversation. The longer you avoid the conversation, the longer the “elephant in the room” haunts your every action. Perhaps better is more stable blood sugars?

Avoiding the truth about your options and choices means you stay in the bad state. In all cases, facing your “yuck” and getting through it, gets you to better SOOOO much faster. And 9 times out of 10, the perceived “yuck” is not as bad as the real “yuck”. Not facing the “yuck” means you just suffer where you currently are. And that is an option, but unlikely to get you to “better”. Use the desire for YOUR better as your motivation for doing the “Yuck”.

Graphically Speaking

Being a big fan of spreadsheets and tables, I put together some examples that may apply to you. If you see yourself in this table, is it possible that tackling your “yuck” is worth getting to “better”?? The good news, is that the choice is all yours! Stay where you are, avoid “yuck” and long for “better” or tackle “yuck” ASAP, and get on with better!!!!



Pretty much, “yuck” is getting very clear on the truth of the matter and then making a decision to act from that truth. Are you ready to get going? What are you avoiding? How can you approach it in a new way? Imagine how good “better” will feel and hold on to that feeling!! Let me know your issues, your yuck (and how you tackled it) and what better feels like!

Are you stuck and not quite sure how to tackle your “yuck”? That is exactly what coaching is for! I can be your accountability partner, help you figure out new ways, or just be support to help you through the yuck. I offer a free 30 minute call. Schedule here and tell me about your yuck! You don’t have to do this “labor” alone. I got you!

Happy Labor Day!

Patricia Daiker Diabetes Coach



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