Your Diabetes, Your Weight and Your Body Image

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When you have diabetes, your weight becomes a BIG deal!


Every provider I have seen knows my weight before they walk into the treatment room and say hello.  They have an idea about me before they see me.  That number tells a story.    I get it – it’s an important piece of the clinical picture of diabetes.  A dramatic shift in your weight is a tip off that there may be things to look into or reasons to celebrate.   That big drop on the scales may mean your diet and exercise efforts are paying off, or it can indicate your insulin therapy is off and your are breaking down fats and proteins for fuel.    Maybe that number shifting upwards on the scale is a hallelujah moment as your insulin therapy is reversing the wasting away that occurs in the initial stages.  Sometimes that number creeping up means you are overwhelmed by everything and have turned to food for comfort. That number tells a story.


Whether you have lost weight, gained weight or stayed the same, the number on the scale is you.  Your physical presence on this earth has mass,  along with height, hair color and bone structure .  They describe the vehicle you travel in during your time on this earth.   At some level each of us feels something about our body.  As I look at pictures of my younger self, I remember the harsh criticism of a body “not good enough”, but what I see in those pictures today, looks perfectly fine and healthy.  Why was I so tough on myself??   The ultimate irony is that I was most proud of my body was when it was skeletal and wasting away before I started insulin.  I felt slim and skinny and attractive, but I was dying.

The public eye

But unlike your blood sugar, your A1c, or your feelings, everyone sees your body.  You can’t hide it.  There you are.  And when you have diabetes, the judgement about the size of your body skyrockets.   Assumptions are made about your size, your effort, your ability, or even your worth.  What if you are happy, not stressed, with an A1c of 5.7, but packing an extra 20 pounds??   Would it be better to be 20 pounds lighter, feeling defeated with your sugars yoyoing all over the place??  The outside doesn’t represent the inside.

Their problem

The truth is our size makes other people uncomfortable because they don’t understand.  It is easy to tip your nose upwards and cast a judgemental eye when you don’t have to live with diabetes.  Diabetes scares people and it feels better to not have it.  Of course!  But those who make assumptions or utter disparaging words are revealing a truth about themselves.  They want things to be different to prove their expertise as a provider, to not worry about a loved one or to distance themselves the disease all together.   Is a perfect weight the best thing?? Sure, but no one is perfect.  We all do the best we can with what we have – genetics, stress, finances, emotions and a zillion other things contribute to what the world sees.

You are a perfect person at your deepest level.   Remember that.  That wide eyed, six year old is still in there!  Embrace your broken body that doesn’t work perfectly.  Treat it kindly.  Hold your head up high.  Go be your BEST YOU – your diabetes, your weight and all!  Enjoy your journey!  Who cares what anyone thinks!

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Peace and love,

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