My Diabetes Stories – The Best Doctor Visit

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Living a life with Diabetes means lots of doctor visits.   The large majority of mine have been difficult.   I was frustrated and left feeling more hopeless than when I arrived.   Most of the time was spent identifying my “failures” and being grilled about the likely causes.   Maybe a recommendation to tweak a pump setting, but I do that anyway.


It changed when I decided I wasn’t getting any value for the money I paid as I left each time. On the next visit, I came with a list of questions and discussion topics and made sure those were addressed before we went over fly shot status or Ebola screenings.    When that provider had no answers, I realized it was time to move on.


I now have a provider who listens and lets me be in the driver seat of my own life.  He gives me valuable insight and relevant choices.  It is a partnership ship, not a dictatorship.   That feels good!

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