Diabetes Advice for Summer

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As of last Friday, summer is  officially here and if you have diabetes, I have some advice.  Since summer is a time to break from school, to get away from your routine, and to be out of the house more, maybe it’s a good time to review and reboot your diabetes?  Changes in schedules and activities can really impact your glucose control, and our bodies are constantly changing every year, so it’s not a bad time to take a peek under the hood and see how things are running!

Mercury Retrograde

This summer planet Mercury goes retrograde on July 7, meaning it appears to go backwards in the night sky.  It is actually an optical illusion but said to be a time of mishaps, confusion and haywire electronics.  It is also a time of heightened intuition.  Traditional lore suggests it is a good time for things that start with the prefix “re”. Meaning as the planet appears to go backwards we should too!  It’s a time to review, renew, reboot, restore, relax, revisit, and receive.

Good advice

Looking over and resetting things occasionally is a good way to keep your diabetes management fresh. A good routine creates stability in diabetes management, but it can become stale and outdated.  Taking a moment this summer to assess your situation, empowers you to ownership.  Being intentional and persistent, builds your confidence every day, even if your diabetes management isn’t perfect.  Oh yeah, and by the way, perfection doesn’t exist.  We all just do the best we can.


Of all the “re” words, the most difficult for me is to “recieve”.  I am really good about being analytical, reviewing numbers, rebooting to clear out problems and relaxing.  Although relaxing is a more recent skill thanks to yoga!  But as a recovering “doer” who has spent a life trying to achieve, earn respect and care for others, opening up and accepting kindness from others without expectation of repayment challenges me deeply. But I understand the benefits it extends both to me and the bestower of such kindness.  It builds connection and that makes everything A LOT nicer.

Self care

Whether you believe in astrology or the influence of the planets, consider this diabetes advice and make summer break a time to practice self-care and  reboot, renew, restore, regrow, relax, rethink, revisit, review, and yes even receive from your relationships.  Those with other people and with your diabetes.  Diabetes is hard, you deserve some TLC!

Does this sound like more than you can do alone?  Coaching is a great way to achieve your goals!  We work together to create new habits that make sense for YOU!  Curious?  Call me!  I offer a free 30 minute introduction call.  Looking forward to speaking with you!

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