Newsy Tuesday- Looping – DIY Artificial Pancreas

by | Jun 25, 2019 | News, Ownership | 2 comments

When your pancreas doesn’t work and the technology is taking too long, what to do?  Make your own artificial pancreas!

Although I haven’t adopted this technology (yet), I met a woman last week who connected her continuous glucose monitor (CGM) to her insulin pump (Omnipod) with instructions found online and a transmitter to make her own artificial pancreas!  The two devices “talk” to each other and she can manage her diabetes via her iphone!  This is called “looping”, in reference to a closed loop system.  The loop  closes when the insulin delivery device (pump) and the blood sugar monitoring device (CGM) work in tandem.. She kept her blood sugar in range (75-135) for 99% of the time!  It is amazing!  And she did it herself with the help of the Diabetes Online Community #DOC.  Check out the info and let me know if you decide to go for it!  I am tempted!!!

DIY Community

Hats off to all the people who have made this possible.  Here are a few of the resources I have found:

All about looping:

Site to build iphone app:

Order the transmitter here:   RileyLink


What the users have to say

How I loop using iphone

How I Loop: Fewer Diabetes Interruptions at School

How I Loop: Two Years Using An iPhone App To Automate My Insulin Delivery

DIY Looping Overview

Learn About Looping Video



  1. John Wilson

    Wow, There are some really smart people out there. With my knowing you, there is a device that will follow. I have not forgotten to find you some names of possible contacts. I did share your site with a nurse at the VA in Dallas. Hope this finds you well and active???


    • Patricia Daiker

      Thanks John! The device and looping are in my future, just a few hurdles first. Thanks for passing along my info!!!


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