Need to Improve YOUR Diabetes Care? Unleash your sails!

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Just like a sailboat can’t harness the power of the wind without raising it’s sails,  we cannot live our best life with diabetes without taking action.

Life Moves

Everything that lives, moves. Life is not static, it always moves. Whether slow or fast, seen or unseen, life pushes forward, breathes, flows, and evolves.  Our blood sugars, heart beat, cell division, breathing, brain activity, nervous system impulses and thoughts never stop.   One of the best ways to make changes, involves harnessing the energy from movement,  in and around us.   Our desires, passions, dreams and goals push us forward, lift us up and ignite our spirits. We have energy for these purposes.  It makes life worth living.

If Only

Unfortunately, we move in two directions, towards something or away from something.  Sometimes we move away from our dreams because  “if only” alters our true course.   “If only” some barrier crumbled; “If only” some fear, perceived or real, vaporized; “If only” someone else would change; “If only” I didn’t have diabetes.  Imagine the possibilities if you believed in your dream as much as your “if only”.  “If only” are heavy weights that deplete our energy as we work so hard to carry them.  When our hands our full of “if only”, we have no way to hoist a sail, catch a wave or steer our ship.  Our dreams seem farther and farther away.

Our Work

There is energy to reach our dreams all around us, but to harness it, we must do five things.

  1. Pull up the anchor.  We must drop our “if only”.  Let go of the heavy weight, negative thoughts, perceived barriers or past thinking.  It serves no purpose when you want to move.
  2. View the horizon.  We must see what “is”.  What is true today.  Your truth may hide behind your fears, your unwillingness to step out, your feelings of lack, belief of being broken or countless other things.  But your dreams are real and were placed in your heart for a reason.  You have gifts!  Pay attention to what lights you up!  What makes you feel alive! They may take you somewhere unexpected.  Do you have diabetes? Is it hard?   Yes.  Ok. Don’t let it be your scapegoat or the reason you get stuck in the past or waiting for a distant future.
  3. Tack out to open waters.  We must create a space for something new.  A place for dreams to manifest, for ideas to be born, for dreams to appear, and for possibilities to be created.  These are quiet times meandering back and forth in preparation for a journey.
  4. Raise the sail – Our job is not to create the wind, but to make sure our sail is up to catch the wind that blows our direction.  This means an act, a step in the direction of where you want to go.  It must align with your purpose, your gifts and dreams. The action must support your truth and who you are.  You may find it is out of your comfort zone, but it is something you are capable of.
  5. Enjoy the wind – Don’t fight the momentum, relax and be lifted up, enjoy the experience, receive what is offered and have fun along the way!

Sailing with Diabetes?

  1. Let go of excuses,  trying for perfection, comparing yourself to others, needing the world to change.
  2. Accept where you are, get real about what is or is not possible, own what is yours to own.
  3. Breathe.  Relax.  Turn your worry brain off and let your imagination have the stage. Be grateful for the medication, providers, and technology.  Every day is still a gift.  Let the unexpected happen.
  4. Do what you know you should.  Nothing changes until you take the first step.
  5. Enjoy what happens next.   Be curious where life’s taking  you.   Get to know those you meet.  Find gratitude in all things.  Relax.  Breathe.

Diabetes Journey

Our journey includes diabetes.  Yep it does.   But it is not our purpose.  Our purpose is to use our gifts, follow a dream, believe it is possible and then take any small step in that direction.  Instead of manually struggling to row your boat, let your dreams, your goals, and your passion chart your course, then act to catch every breeze that blows your way. Stop fighting against what is, and relax into the possibilities of what was meant for you.  Do your part, receive what you need, let go of what was, and make the most of every day you have left.

Is it possible that the hard part is in your mind (#1-#3),  the easy part is just a task on your task list (#4) and the best part requires no effort (#5)??  Not sure how to figure it out?   Schedule a free introductory call!

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Smooth sailing my friends~





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