Newsy Tuesday: Crazy Images of Diabetes Blood Vessels!

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I am all to familiar with compelling diabetes stories in the news that sound too good to be true or overpromise an effective diabetes treatment.  This link is no different.  They profess to have grown blood vessels in a petri dish.  Which is quite a fun trick, but getting those vessels into the bodies that need them, seems like a far more complicated process.  But what I DID find fascinating, was the image of a normal blood vessel and that of one compromised by (assumed) uncontrolled diabetes.

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Visual Learner

I am a visual learner, so seeing images such as this one helps me to understand what is going on in our tiny blood vessels when our blood sugars are not well controlled.  It sort of looks like a thunderstorm on a doppler radar screen.   Impending doom!  Suffice to say, the green stuff is not good.   Always good reminder to try your best, pay attention, be curious, and make yourself a priority!

Diabetes Blood Vessels

Vessels in a petri dish?  Cool.  I pray I don’t need that, but thankful for the visual reminder of what I am facing!  It’s great motivation!



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