On YOUR Terms – Building a Resilient Diabetes Life

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In this 5-part blog series I am revisiting my 5 key coaching strategies which are the foundation for my new HOME COACHING VIDEOS! The videos will help YOU build vital skills that dramatically improve your ability to deal with all that diabetes throws at you. It is more than just diet and exercise. Diabetes impacts every area of your life, you need skills for body, mind and soul!




Your Diabetes

This is not news to you, but you own YOUR diabetes. It is not your doctor’s, your family’s or your friends. Sure they are all impacted, but at the end of the day, you ultimately decide on how you do what you do.  You likely make many of your decisions because of those around you – trying to keep them happy and unworried, making sure you are healthy enough to care for them, or because you agree with their advice and guidance. All very good reasons to do your best. But at the end of the day, you are the only one who knows how you feel, decides how much effort you will put forth and how much attention you pay to any particular thing you do, especially your diabetes.

It may not always feel that way – diabetes can really limit your choices, cause frustration, and take the wind out of your sales. It may feel easier to let someone else tell you what you need to do, then THEY become responsible when things don’t go right. Or perhaps if diabetes is running the show certain situations can’t be helped. Our medical system can also feel very inflexible with treatments options, exorbitant cost and possible negative feedback. (don’t get me started on that “non-compliant” word!)

Person Centered Care

The truth is, and research proves it, that people with diabetes do much better when they command the steering wheel when driving their care. I know I feel much more self assured and confident when I feel I am heard, those around me understand my wishes and goals, and I feel I have choice. Notice how many times I used the word “feel” in that last sentence. The feeling of ownership is something that happens on YOUR inside. If you don’t feel that way, making precise and informed choices whenever you can is a good place to start.

Self-care isn’t selfish

Do you feel awkward speaking your truth? You know those moments where you are so frustrated and misunderstood, but you just can’t find the words?? It can be hard to say what you really need, especially if it draws attention to yourself. I certainly have been there. Not wanting to stand out, putting other people’s needs in front of my own, thinking it was the honorable thing to do. What I have learned is that when I place value on being my best self and doing things that benefit me, I am sooooo much better to everyone I care about. It really isn’t selfish, it survival in the world of diabetes. And you are worth it!

If you are feeling stuck in a ‘diabetes rut’ maybe you aren’t sure how to step into ownership? There are several ways to move forward!

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