The Truth About Diabetes

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Acting Upon Your Truth

I have to admit, at times I get what I call “monkey mind”.  Those times when the chatter of my thoughts create chaos and unrest. It is the incessant babbling of the ego trying to protect the body by keeping us small, pointing out all the possible dangers and demanding everything be fair.  (Nothing in life is fair by the way)   Left unchecked, those chattering voices can make us believe we are less than, unworthy, incapable and disconnected.  If we choose to believe and cling to these thoughts as true, anxiety increases, doubt flourishes and peace flies out the window.

Choosing the Truth

As much as we can “choose” to listen to the chatter of our monkey minds, we can also “choose” to listen to the truth.  You find your truth in a quieter knowing deep within yourself.  If you have a hard time figuring it out, your truth is the stuff you want to do or who you think you are that is qualified by “when I loose the weight, I will…..”, “I wanted to do that but, I can’t now because…..”, “I would do that, if this other thing would change”, “I was that when I was younger”, “I’ll be like that later”.    Those qualifiers are the ego’s excuses for not being what you were meant to be.  You most likely know this deep inside, but just knowing isn’t enough.

You must Act

To push away the fear, anxiety, low self esteem and other non-pleasantries brought upon by our monkey mind, we must act upon them.  You must first see and state your truth (journals are good for this).  Simply state “I am…..fill in the blank”. It need be only one thing.  Then do something that aligns with that statement.  I am healthy >>>> go for a walk.  I am smart >>>> speak you mind.  I am in charge of  my diabetes >>>check  your glucose.  In doing any act, no matter how small, you start moving towards your truth.  It feels amazing!  You become empowered!  You lose the veil of victim-hood!  The struggle abates,  a little peace settles in, and you can take the next step feeling a little stronger.

The truth about Diabetes

There are two truths about diabetes we must come to terms with.  1) It is now part of our life.  Whether type 1 or type 2, it will always require our care and attention.  Failing to see and act upon this truth will result in our peril.  We are the ones who will eventually suffer for ignoring what is true.  2) It doesn’t remove any of our other truths.  Sure, it may make things a bit more challenging, but it doesn’t erase what you were born to do and who you were meant to be.  At least for me, it has made my truths more apparent and more desired.  Struggle can be a great teacher if you choose to see if that way.  And the struggle shrinks when we take action towards our truth.

State your Truth.  Take Action.

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